BRAZIL - Buritizeiro, Cerrado Mineiro

Fazenda Império is located in the north of the Cerrado Mineiro, the northern savannah in the Minas Gerais state.

Cerrado Mineiro features large extensions of land, with large farms and large residual areas of wild savannah.

The farm is owned by the Faria family, which, starting in 1998, began planting coffee trees in this very northern area and - in order to obtain the perfect watering - barred the local stream Rio Formoso and made a piping system long 1700 km to water the single trees drop by drop.

The whole cultivated area is over 570 hectares, entirely devoted to the production of high quality arabica coffee, with rational use of resources and respect for the environment. Fazenda Império has been certified by UTZ, Rainforest AllianceCerrado Mineiro origin and Brazil Speciality Coffee Association.

The yearly production is around 25k bags of the varietals Catuaí (amarelo e vermelho), Bourbon amarelo, Acaiá cerrado e Catucaí amarelo, both natural and pulped natural.

Fazenda Imperio irrigazione


La produzione

Descrizione : Arabica (Catuaì amarelo e vermelho), Lavato. Certificato UTZ e Rainforest Alliance.
Altitudine : 800 metri sul livello del mare.
Raccolto : da giugno a settembre.
Note gustative : Caffè dolce, con buon corpo ed acidità medio bassa.

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