The need for a high level of professionalism in the coffee business has taken more increasingly more evidence with the constant growth of the competition. The baristas are no longer required a simple and acceptable espresso or cappuccino: they are require to elaborate excellent drinks based on espresso and cappuccino, preferably if decorated according to the dictates of contemporary latte art.

The participation of the barista to specialised training courses focused on the coffee can therefore undoubtedly make a real difference in the fortunes of his restaurant, bar, café or coffee shop. It is, however, necessary that training is based on serious educational criteria, to facilitate the learning of a discipline that hides, behind the inviting coffee and cappuccino, many difficulties.

We believe so much in the importance of training for baristas that we created an international network of three training centres (Arezzo, Cluj-Napoca, Copenhagen), which offer advanced and specialised courses, which are positioned in a clearly different way than the ordinary courses that have merely empirical orientation.

training centre network

In fact, we have never accommodated us to provide superficial instructions or simple instructions, but we have from the outset sought to provide an instruction that was based on scientific foundations, in order to be able to provide certainty both to those who approach for the first time to the coffee, both to those who want finally to consolidate the knowledge acquired by experience. At the same time, we worked to make learning as fun and engaging as possible, through logistics solutions, articulated presentations and numerous experimental and practical tests. We are grateful for the inspiration and the certainties that we received from "magical" places such as the Deutsches Museum of Monaco of Bavaria, theTechnisches Museum in Vienna, the Experimentarium in Copenhagen.

By the presence of all these guidelines, a teaching method was born and was demonstrably able to maximise the effectiveness of learning, as we read the testimony of the many students who have attended our courses and the increasing number of applicants.