La Ruta del Café is the story of a peasant community of coffee producers of the Salcedo province, among the poorest in the Dominican Republic, who believed strongly in their land and was able to overturn their own destiny.

It is also the story of a cooperation project involving institutions, experts, entrepreneurs,

artists: UN, Cooperazione Italiana, Toscana Region, Province and Municipality of Arezzo, Caffè River, Ucodep and the famous Italian singer Piero Pelù discovered the Salcedo people and their coffee. Institutions and associations of the Arezzo territory, constituting in the Comitato Aretino per la Cooperazione Decentrata con la Repubblica Dominicana in the far 1996, have set themselves the objective of structuring, together with the institutions of Salcedo, an economic and social and local development program, connecting two remote areas in a mutual exchange of knowledge. Could they save those small family coffee plantations? It was possible to get really high-quality beans, creating a virtuous economy gain capable of giving income to the farmers of loma?

community of coffee producers of the Salcedo

Giovanni Santi (photographs) and Andrea Semplici (text) tell this story in an original and charming way. The story is accompanied by some information sheets about the project and about the Dominican Republic. Available in our e-shop.

Giovanni Santi, from Tuscany, a professional photographer, taught the language of photography in the workshops of the Faculty of Sciences of Communication at the University of Siena. Now he is dedicating his time not only to the photograph but also to the moving images, making documentaries.

Andrea Semplici is a professional journalist and collaborates with several national newspapers. He is the author, among other things, of the travel, guides Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Libya (all by Clup/De Agostini Edition) and, for Terre di mezzo Editore, he is author of books like "Travellers traveling" and "Africa Diaries".