• Social responsibility
    Social responsibility
  • Passion and technology
    Passion and technology
  • Great coffees
    Great coffees
  • Latte Art champions
    Latte Art champions
    I Latte Art Crash Course sono una incredibile opportunità per apprendere la Latte Art direttamente dai più grandi campioni riconosciuti nel settore, sia Italiani che non.

    Ogni Caffè River Training Centre organizza corsi con campioni internazionalmente riconosciuti in eventi unici chiamati Latte Art/crash course.

  • Extended vision
    Extended vision

Our story begins in 1958 in Arezzo, Tuscany, the city where we have our roots, our main office, and from where we see the world.

In 60 years many things had changed for us, but our passion for high-quality coffee has never diminished.

Rather, always with great respect for the revered Italian tradition, we have been able to continually innovate our working style and perfect the coffee that we roast with a lot of care. Our focus on innovation has been combined with a mature awareness of what we need to do to improve our market, our society, and our world.


To this end, our mission declares our will "to create superior value with our coffee, giving the end-user a moment of full aesthetic enjoyment for all their senses, and thus assuring the professional success of the barista".

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