There is so much to explore beyond the coffee: a whole new experience is created specifically by taking care of the details. Shapes and colors, materials, and surfaces are able to enhance the perceptions and intrigue the emotions.

An excellent quality product needs to be consumed through tools of equal preciousness. The coffee experience, conjugated to a similar style experience, becomes a ritual: our objects, the realization of which was demanded by proven inventive designers, are designed to meet the aesthetic needs of the consumer with lines, colors, geometries of the most impeccable style.

This is why we have undertaken a series of collaborations with established designers.

In 2007 started a workshop called Riverberazioni, which was attended by the designers Enrico Azzimonti, Alessandra Baldereschi, Luisa Bocchietto, Marina Bologni, Roberto Giacomucci, Monica Graffeo, Gum Design, Joe Velluto, Lorenzo Palmeri, Alessandra Pasetti, Lucy Salamanca and ZP studio, which planned - in cooperation and competition with one another - a series of objects designed to make unique the experience of our coffee.

We then continued to work with Marina Bologni who designed for Caffè River, Flexo, and Kylix (9 and 36), and with Roberto Giacomucci who designed MaracaS, Sweetcase, and Minisweetcase.

Maracas has been selected among others, several times, for participating in the Compasso d'Oro Award granted by ADI, the Association for Industrial Design.



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