MaracaS secondo me, Emilio Sabbatini guide to the use of MaracaS.

Written by a well-known barman and addressed to his colleagues, MaracaS secondo me is an invitation to discover the remarkable possibility that the shaker MaracaS offers the world of mixology.

 Emilio Sabbatini

Not only: MaracaS secondo me represents the expression of a personal view on the use of the instrument techniques, which can at the same time effectively highlight what and how many are the potential features and innovation value of MaracaS yet to be explored.

The text is accompanied by twelve unusual recipes and numerous photographs. You can buy it in our dedicated e-shop.

Emilio Sabbatini

He graduated sommelier, head barman, and Aibes teacher. He has many professional experiences, including international ones, and of commis e chef de bar, bar supervisor, restaurant manager, and congress manager. To the professional activity, he put beside from many years,  a constant and well-known didactic activity in numerous and valued training institutes.

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