From Riverberazioni_Schizzi di caffè was born Flexo, the spoon designed by Marina Bologni exclusively for Caffè River. Available in two versions, espresso and cappuccino.

Flexo summarizes the functional characteristics of the spoon, it enhances the sensory and ergonomic aspects and determines a more immersive sensory experience. 

Its soft shape recalls to a “little tongue” that infiltrate into the cup and captures flavors and fragrances.

The part which is in contact with the hand of the user or of the bartender loses its rigidity as if the heat of the product would change the hardness of its material (steel), and it conforms to the way in which it is used: the fingers find immediately their optimal position of use.

Its sinuous profile synthetically simulates the heat coming from the product and leads it out of the same cup. The lower part is curved as much as it is enough to follow the inner curves to the cup, so as to eventually collect the sweetened cream that remains on the bottom.

The soft shape of the top allows you to lay the spoon directly on the cup as well as on the side plate.

Made of polished stainless steel, with unique molded. Available on the e-shop.


flexo espresso


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