The new espresso cup from Caffè River. The evolution of the famous cup that has so far characterized the history of Caffè River shows many novelties and unexplored insights that will take your coffee experience to the next level.

Not only have we changed the aesthetics of the cup, but we have also revolutionized the tasting experience that will now leave you with no doubts about the best and highest quality of your coffee tasting.

But what changes?

Change the width of the cup and its height.

Change the saucer, which features a higher base, to enhance the new cup.

 espressocup 2

Its creator is the designer Carlo Comanducci, an expert in mechanical design and 3D modeling. He started with the reverse engineering technique, then moved on to rapid prototyping of 3D printing after which the production of the new porcelain cups began.

 Carlo Comanducci

Calculation after calculation, model after model, the Caffè River cup has been slightly lowered and enlarged in its dimensions, in the strenuous and constant search for perfection to enhance and facilitate the tasting of espresso coffee.

 Carlo Comanducci studi

We are pleased to invite you to try the new tasting experience that is born from today with espressocup/2.

 tazza espressocup

 tazza espressocup 2

espressocup/2 is contained in the white box of 6, but for a complete service 6 boxes, each of 6 cups will be delivered to you in the specially created Master box, in kraft-colored cardboard, fully recyclable, and certified. scatola tazza espressocup 2

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