2022 Barista's Agenda

Caffè River Barista's Agenda
Barista's Agenda is a calendar to hang, but also a large table diary. A container of useful documents, but also a tool to better plan the work of your business. 

Discover Barista's Agenda 2022

There are ample spaces to write without fear of making mistakes, because inside you will find an erasable gel ink pen. Let's see how it works.


barista's agenda 2022
Two full pages are dedicated to each month, in the one above you will find:

- scheduling of work shifts for the whole month;
- the name of the collaborators to whom to assign a letter;
- the description of the work shifts;
- a scheme where to note the orders in progress and the expected delivery;
- a large useful space for any kind of annotation.

On the page below you will find instead:

- the calendar of the month and space for notes on each day;
- a large photo taken from Instagram (which you may have taken!)

barista's agenda 2022
What is it that makes "Caffè River Barista's Agenda" so special? Undoubtedly the beautiful photos taken by our customers in various parts of the world and published on social media.barista's agenda 2022

Opening Barista's Agenda on the last page, at the top you will find:

- The calendar for the whole year, with the indication of the week number;
- a millimeter side for quick measurements.

On the page below you will find instead:

- a removable phone book (which you can also use in the next few years);
- an erasable gel ink pen;
- a space to house cards.barista-s agenda 2022

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