NUCAFE supports rural communities in the district of Mubende one of them being Naama community. It is located in the Central Region 0°25'00.0"N 31°59'00.0"E of Uganda characterized by natural fertile soils and endowed with good rains favorable for coffee production. It is an upcoming coffee producing region with most of the coffee bushes below the age of 10 years which gives them a good cup taste and physical characteristics.

naama cfa

Most farmers in this community had abandoned coffee farming because of the fluctuating coffee prices and coffee wilt disease which cleared all the bushes in the early 1980s which demoralized farmers from producing coffee. However, with NUCAFE engagement, farmers were sensitized back into groups and associations and formed Naama Coffee Farmers Association. They have been able to access coffee wilt resistant varieties and training on how to properly look after their coffee from NUCAFE. NUCAFE as their umbrella organization went into a relationship with Caffè River a coffee roaster in Trieste in Italy to start buying their coffee. They supplied their first consignment to Caffè River in October, 2016 with a total of 97 (60 kg bags), equivalent to 5,820 kg of Robusta screen/grade 1700/1800.

Naama Coffee Farmers’ Association has 200 farmers who are members and fully registered with the association. The 200 farmers include 110 men farmers, 73 women farmers and 17 youth farmers who subscribe to the association. The operations of the association are run by a youth female called Nakuya Sarah guided by the senior management and board of the association technically backstopped by NUCAFE team.

The Farmers of Naama are happy with the “omukwano” (friendship) between NUCAFE and Caffè River because they have been able for the first time to sell their coffee directly to the buyer on the international market. “A farmer in Naama was able to receive 8,000 Uganda shillings per kilo of grade 1700/1800 sold to Caffè River which is way far above the local price that other middlemen buy their coffee Sarah said”.

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