An eco-friendly coffee initiative: new dawn on the horizon for sustainable Omukwano coffee farming.


Building on the success of the Omukwano partnership between Caffè River and NUCAFE which has provided a number of life-changing opportunities, NUCAFE attracted a number of Danish partners aBi Group and NIRAS supported by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) that are further investing in building smallholder farmers’ resilience using the “Farmer Ownership Model” for empowerment in climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in the coffee value chain.

The first eco-friendly coffee
NUCAFE has focused efforts on implementing Climate-Smart Coffee farming practices among the smallholder coffee farmers including both adaptation and mitigation benefits at the farm level guaranteeing increased production and productivity of Carbon neutral coffee.
NUCAFE is in the process of installing the first of its kind industrial rooftop solar plant that will contribute to a reduction of 40% of processing costs for the smallholder farmers and provide to the consumer 100% eco-friendly coffee making new dawn at the horizon for sustainable coffee growing possible.

A combination of both adaptation and mitigation measures being implemented by NUCAFE in the coffee value chain in Uganda is geared towards the greening of the coffee chain. NUCAFE and Caffè River will enable branding of the Uganda coffee as “eco-friendly” coffee, which in turn should lead to sustainability with high-income returns for the farmers and contribute substantially to the conservation of the environment through ecological civilization.

The first eco-friendly coffee

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