Our direct contacts with producers, especially with smaller ones and with those more that are proud and responsible for the wonderful coffee they produce, allow us to add a superior value to the commercial coffee, but such a high level has to be undoubtedly defined specialty. 

The term "specialty" was born in the 70s of the last century to indicate the coffee with exceptional properties due to their having been planted in the best soil, at a perfect altitude, with ripe fruit harvested at the right time and processed flawlessly.

Yemen Specialties Coffees

This generates a result in having currently received 80 and more points on a 100 points scale by qualified tasters, as you can read n the following table.


Points Description Classification
90-100 Extraordinary Specialty
 85-90 Excellent
80-85 Very good



High commercial 



Having to deal with such a special coffee, our role is simply to put in close connection (Closest Connection, as our guiding principle) the farmer with the consumer, making the more possible evidence of the personal story of the farmer and his farm and the original characteristics of coffee.

The roasting process is executed in micro-lots of a maximum of 12 Kg in a total artisan method and with a degree of roasting that is lighter than usual.

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