The bars that choose Caffè River have made a concrete quality choice to offer to its customers, whatever blend they select.

The espresso coffee beans are almost always made up of different coffee origins, which are selected and blended to create an exquisite and exclusive blend that can take advantage of the unique capabilities of the espresso machine.

In fifty beans, that is the approximate number of beans which are used for a cup of espresso, coffee from different parts of the world come into contact and mix their individuality for a higher purpose. The cup of espresso tends to show a rich and complex taste profile, with a sweet bouquet of aromas, full-body, and a persistent taste.

There are two opposing schools of thought regarding how the coffee has to be made: some roasters prepare a mixture of green coffee and then they roast it, while others prepare a mixture of coffee already roasted. We follow this second "school" because we believe that to get the best results you should roast with utmost care homogeneous varieties of coffee.

The composition of the blends is - and always has been - one of the treasured secrets of the Italian roasters.





k90miscela k90 smalllegenda miscele grafici

A coffee blend of 100% organic Arabica coffee beans from Africa and America: a pleasant balance between aroma and body, with an intense but rather sweet flavor and an aftertaste of dried fruit, hazelnut, and vanilla.


k80-blend.jpgK80 coffee blend


A mixture of the utmost delicacy: an intense body balanced with a slightly pronounced acidity. Hints of roasted hazelnut and caramel. Suitable for the best bars.


A mixture of the broad aromatic spectrum, which boasts an enveloping body. Moderate acidity with hints of bitter cocoa and dried fruit.



A very balanced mix, showing at the same time an aroma of "toast" and a sweetness close to the caramel.


n80-blend.jpgN80 coffee blend
A blend of strong character and gentle acidity. Its spicy aftertaste remind of tropical woods.


N40 coffee blendmiscela-n40-small.jpg
A blend with a strong and persistent aroma, with low acidity. Easy to extract.


A sophisticated blend of decaffeinated coffees to make a surprisingly tasty espresso.


Blend with lighter roasted coffees and with pronounced acidity. Hints of pastries and freshly baked bread.


espresso coffee blends

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