The heart of the coffee processing is certainly in the roasting, which remains a somewhat mysterious process, even just considering the many chemical changes that determine. However, its outcome is fortunately known: the effect of heat on the coffee bean is in fact a kind of magic that produces a fragile world of aromas from an inert and elastic green bean.

Such an important transformation is certainly not without criticality. Quite the contrary: you need exceptional equipment and deep knowledge to ensure that our roasting is just perfect and steady every time, bean after bean.

Italian coffee roasting

All the coffee that we process is roasted slowly with a proceeding that lasts from 15 to 20 minutes, not blended, and cooled strictly with the air. Whether the process is controlled by sophisticated instruments of detection, or that the process was completely manual, the coffee roasting is controlled constantly by an expert roaster, who can make at any time the necessary adjustments to ensure that the roasting is at a perfect level of the highest craftsmanship.

All our roasted coffees for espresso have the roasting level called Agtron #45, while the medium roasted coffees are situated around Agtron #55 roasting level. In the case of micro-lots of coffees, such as when we work at Jamaica Blue Mountain or Kopi Luwak, we can accept specific requests in the levels of *L*a*b.

Roberto coffee roaster

In any case, we are able to ensure a so high level of control in the process that the steadiness of the final product is certainly not a problem.

Daniele coffee roaster

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