Nilton Almeida cultivates Fazenda São Francisco founded by his father on hills of Mogiana. Its coffee is an excellent example of a Brazilian specialty coffee, rich and balanced.

With over 200 years of history, Mogiana is one of the traditionally producing coffee regions in Brazil.

In this beautiful region, located in the northeast of the state of São Paulo, Nilton Almeida cultivates Fazenda São Francisco founded by his father, lawyer, and judge.

The farm reflects the almost manic care and profound devotion to St. Francis of the Nilton family, while its coffee is an excellent example of Brazilian specialty coffee: rich and balanced.

Cultured at an altitude of 800-900 meters above sea level and harvested between June and September, Nilton's coffee, natural Arabic (Catuaì amarelo and vermelho) is certified UTZ and it is characterized by a strong personality, a full and aromatic body, and a good acidity.

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