A fine coffee blend for the domestic espresso machine, produced by small farmers, roasted with artisan passion and with care for environmental sustainability.

Caffè River has studied a coffee blend that’s ideal for home espresso machines, with which you will taste the difference. You don't need to be an expert to get a perfect espresso if you rely on the coffee experts.

Your espresso coffee at home

Your espresso will have an edge and everyone will notice it, asking you the secret of such a delicious coffee.
Everyone will want to know the secret of such skill: the secret is the high quality of the whole coffee beans, roasted, and carefully selected!

Using a home espresso machine may seem like child's play, but it really isn't.
It may seem like a foregone process, pouring coffee beans into the bell, and then waiting to enjoy a perfect coffee, made by the automatic machine, like at the bar!
In reality, there are many things to watch out for, first of all, the quality of the beans you go to buy... did you know?

Espresso Casa grani! is the perfect blend for all tastes, which recreates a very high-quality coffee in your home, unattainable with ground coffee (ground coffee ages within 60 minutes of opening the package).
Enjoy the beauty of roasted whole beans and the scent that is released when the freshness-saving package is opened. The 500 grams package is in fact equipped with a convenient zip and a valve that will keep all the scent of your coffee unaltered, right down to the last bean.

Taste the perfection and become your favorite barista yourself!

Buy Espresso Casa grani!

500 grams / 1.8 oz stand-up pouches with valve and zip for freshness and shelf life.

espresso coffee beans for automatic espresso machine espresso machine coffee blend

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