Perù - Chanchamayo Coffee - Familia Caballero Quispe.

The Familia Caballero Quispe - Peru

Colonia Huanca, Pichanaki, Peru

Shirley Caballero Quispe lovingly cultivates her coffee, at the gates of the majestic Amazon rainforest in Peru, at the foot of the dizzying Andes, in an inaccessible and fascinating place called Chanchamayo, certain that the love for her work can overcome any adversity.

This commitment, handed down to him by his father, is rewarded by a coffee of the highest quality, with notable hints of hazelnut and cocoa, with a sweet lemon aftertaste.

Grown at an altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level and harvested in July, Shirley's coffee, washed Arabica (Catuaì and Caturra) is certified Organic and UTZ.


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