BRAZIL - Fazenda Santa Inês

Farmer name: Pereira family

Altitude: 900 ~ 1050 m

Processing Method: Naturals, Pulped Naturals

Certifications: BSCA - Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association; COE - Brazil finalist in several years

Coffee Varieties: Catucaí, Yellow & Red Catuaí, Yellow & Red Bourbon, Acaiá


The beginning

Coffee growing in Carmo de Minas has been the business of Pereira Family since 1979. Now it’s time to seek new challenges in the Specialty Coffee field.

Planning and Planting
The Pereiras always have had a pioneering nature when talking about the coffee crops. When they started managing Fazenda Santa Ines, it already had coffee crops. However, they opted on planting new cultivars and on updating the work models in order to improve quality and productivity.

Selecting better
In the past, Carmo de minas region had many problems with green coffees. At that time, the family hired experts in order to help to solve those issues with their techniques and the newest machines as possible, like pulping stations. Immediately the coffees from Fazenda Santa Ines began to stand out in regional and national quality contests, placing its mark on the specialty coffees market.

The Cup of Excellence world Record
In 2005, a sample from a plot of Fazenda Santa Ines won the first place in Cup of Excellence Brazil. Moreover, conquered the world record with a 95.85 score.

The Future, by Chico Isidro / Pereira Family:
"In Carmo, soil and climatic conditions are favorable to the specialty coffee. It is what French people call ‘terroir.’ And our region is doing its homework; we are on the right way. Now we can only expect better times.”

santa ines

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