The reduction of our environmental impact is a continuous source of commitment, both in the choice of materials, both in the rationalization of energy choices, in order to decrease the environmental effects arising from production.

Since 2008, more than half of the electricity we use is self-produced by our solar park located

on the roof of our factory while the rest is purchased by a green producer (i.e. which does not use fossil fuels).

With the creation of our solar park we got two important results from the environment: on the one hand we indeed completely hardened the coverage of the roof made of Eternit (fiber cement) and we eliminated the risk related to health, while on the other hand, we installed 175 photovoltaic panels of crystalline silicon with a surface of 1,000 square meters, which generate electricity for 37.6 kWh.

With an annual total of around 42,000 kWh of energy produced, we reduce an equivalent consumption of 10.6 tons of oil, which would otherwise be burned to power for our production, and thus we avoid the emission of 31.2 metric tons of CO2 and 69, 4 Kg of NOx.

photovoltaic panels 2016

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