There are many reasons why we can be proud of our products and services, aiming always to quality and innovation, at the base of Caffè River actions there is a great commitment directed from years towards social responsibility.

A pronounced basic sensitivity towards certain issues has been reinforced over the years by the knowledge of the most advanced managerial styles and above all of the stakeholder theory enunciated by R. Edward Freeman, according to which the company has a wide-ranging responsibilities Debt to all social partners and to the environment on which in one way or the other has impact, from the nearest to the more distant.

Over the years, such influence has led to more and more awareness of the social role that we are called to carry out, of the duty to adhere to and disseminate clear ethical standards of transparency, of the desire to extend our action to geographically remote areas in the world and to combine it at the same time with the achievement of ever-higher quality standards.

Many of the achievements remain invisible, such as the annual allocation of a percentage of sales to be donated to public benefit organizations, but others are summarized as follows:

  • Obtaining the ISO9000 certification in 1998, among the first coffee companies in Italy, to increase our ability to control manufacturing processes.
  • Cooperation to the Jamao project together with Oxfam Italia, to improve the living conditions of coffee farmers in the north of the Dominican Republic.
  • Participation and registration in the Fairtrade FLO system.
  • Certification of compliance with the standard of organic products.
  • The construction of a solar farm on the roof of our factory and a policy of buying green power to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.
  • The collaboration with NUCAFE, the association of small coffee farmers in Uganda to reduce their endemic poverty and exploitation.
  • The collaboration with Brenes Aguilar in Costa Rica to provide opportunities for small farmers and at the same time finance support projects to local communities.

To these then it would be added the support given to a lot of cultural events, which help to improve our society and that we are proud to sustain.



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