Kabonero Mountainous Coffee Growers Association located in Kabarole district, Kabonero Sub County is comprised of 601 coffee farmers of which 138 are women, 100 youths and 363 men who collectively work together and bulk their fair trade certified coffee as an association for higher coffee prices. The association day to day activities are led by the business manager Mr. Muthahinga Enosi a 26-year-old male who believes that the association is growing from when it started way back.

I have been able to set up my own permanent house, bought a solar set, television and now increased production from 1 acre to 3 acres and many farmers in Kyoho 2 admire me a lot,” said Enosi. Therefore coffee farmers believe that the more they sell their coffee to international buyers at high prices, they can be assured for having an improvement in their livelihoods.
From the various resolutions carried out by the association board members and coffee farmers, there have been a number of developments like acquiring a plot of land on which association offices and stores where to keep coffee will be constructed. It has also ventured into skills building of the association members of making arts and crafts which are sold to the locals and tourists who come to visit in the district.



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